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  Douglas Dailey 2013, 2016.

Bay Area Family Album

Douglas Dailey
Special Event

Photography & Videography

Because seeing is believing.
You may have temporary access to low resolution previews of a certain event. If so, you will find the date of the event and other identifyng information below. Click on the link to see the previews. Each day’s events has an index card with the number of the photograph. Please use this number if you would like a photo removed or the order of the photos changed. Any changes must be approved by the person who arranged the contract with me. The family has the high resolution files for printing. These preview files are too small (low resolution) to print. Please email if you have any questions or concerns. When you see the index page with multiple photographs you can click on one to see it enlarged. Then use the previous and next buttons to navigate between them. Return to the index page to find the photograph number or to search for a particular image. 2016-08-20-GVD [ Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 ] 2016-05-21-EAG