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  Douglas Dailey 2013, 2016. Funeral Videography Colonial Mortuary Mountain View Cusimano Family Building San Jose Funeral Videography Oak Hill Chapel of Oaks Funeral Videography Holy Cross Catholic Cemetary Entrance
Douglas Dailey
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Photography & Videography

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Often during a funeral or memorial services the best location for the photographer is also the best location for the videographer. This makes it important to have both done by as small a number of people as possible. My experience in funeral videography and funeral photography enables you to get affordable professional coverage with as little as one or two individuals on the job. The funeral videographer and photographer must be able to work extremely quietly and unobtrusively yet carry all the equipment that might be needed in a variety of difficult situations. For the privacy of the families I will have only a small selection of funeral videography samples on-line. I have all the videos and photos for my last 100 jobs available for you to examine in my office. The following are some common locations where I have been the funeral videographer and/or photographer. Please click the photo below to see more images taken at the same location.

Funeral Videographers

Funeral Videography Santa Clara Mission Cemetery Burial 09 Funeral Videography San Jose St Francis of Assisi wide-angle 09