Douglas Dailey 2013, 2016. San Jose Wedding Photography & Videography Home reception

Basic / brief coverage

  This will usually be 4 hours or less. You get around 100-150 finished photographs and/or an hour or more of edited video. Your needs and costs will vary. Please call for details. $1390.00 for photo or video only.  $ 1890 for both photo & video.         

Extended coverage

Up to 6 hours on location with approximately 150-225 photos. Videos usually run 1-2 hours.

$1790.00 for photo or video only.  $ 2390 for both photo & video.       

Comprehensive coverage

This is usually 6-8 hours on location and includes 225-300 photos and 1.5-2.5 hour video. 

$2290.00 for photo or video only.  $ 2890 for both photo & video.         

Sunol Golf Course Wedding Photography & Videography San Jose Wedding Photography & Videography - Park after ceremony

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Douglas Dailey
Special Event

Photography & Videography

Package components are customizable. Call for estimates based on your needs. Significant discounts

may apply to memorial services and funerals.

Deluxe coverage

This is usually 9-12 hours on location and may be spread over two days. It includes 275-350 touched-up photos and 1.5-3 hours of video.

$2790.00 for photo or video only.  $ 3390 for both photo & video. 

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All Video Packages include: Optimized high definition Blu-ray and DVD video files with on screen menus. You also get 1 HD Blu-ray and 3 DVDs to enable family and friends to review the video and decide how to use the digital media. There is no copy protection. All Photo Packages include: High resolution digital files processed with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, web-ready slide show with music, no copy protection on files. You get 4 x 6 inch “proofs” and 3 photo CDs to help you and other family members decide whikch photos you might like to have printed.