Douglas Dailey 2013, 2016.

Bay Area Family Album

Families come together for those special events - baptisms, coming-of-age parties, weddings, funerals, a so forth. Some will not be able to attend. Some may not have yet been born. While you live your lives I use high definition videocamera(s) and wireless microphones to document these events on Blu-Ray and DVD. There is no copy protection on your discs. Files are usually too large to send over the internet. You can receive yours on your own USB drive. In addition you receive 1 Blu- ray disk and 3 copies of the DVD so that you and family can decide what to do with your files.. Your photos are individually balanced and touched-up where necessary. You receive 4 x 6 inch proofs and 3 photo CDs to help you decide what photos you might like to have printed. I primarily serve San Jose, Santa Clara County and the South San Francisco Bay area. I am happy to travel outside this area. Phone: 408.984.3333 EMail: studio@growing.com

Bay Area Family Album

Because seeing is believing.
Douglas Dailey
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