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Because seeing is believing.
  Douglas Dailey 2013, 2016.


As a family photographer & videographer for 30 years in the Bay area, I am priveleged to witness the addition of new lives and new stories to the familes for which I have already documented coming-of-age events (cotillions, quinceaneras) and weddings.


In addition to the “new life” there may be  the departure of a loved one. Preservation of the memorial tributes in photographs and on video (Blu-ray, DVD) is important so that those not able to attend can participate in the outpouring of sympathy and remembrance.             

In Between

Between the cradle and the grave is the stuff from which legends are made. It has been my honor to help reflect the mystery and majesty of weddings, quinceañeras, cotillions and other events so that the generations that come might better know our present.
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I am a Bay Area photographer and videographer.

Thank you for taking some time to look at my website. I have been providing services to Bay Area families (new and old) for 30 years. Baptisms, parties, coming-of-age celebrations, weddings, cotillions, quinceaneras,reunions, memorial services and funerals are among the events where sensitive and professional photos and video are extremely important in creating a family album so that the upcoming young can better know and understand the events that shape our lives here and now. All the photographs and videos on this website are taken from my archives. I hope you will recognize my goal of story telling with my photos and videos. Every effort is made so that you have the files, photos and video needed to share and preserve these important family treasures. Please call and get acquainted. Find out how easy it is to contract the photography and videography services that you want at the prices you expect. You always have a contract so that you will know what to expect. You always get your high-resolution optimized photography and video files on disk so that you can duplicate, distribute and even edit them according to your needs and preferences.
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